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We at LB Websites take your privacy very seriously. Your information is just that... Yours! We know how much we hate it when we get unsolicited emails ourselves, so we definitely do not want to be inflicting that upon our potential customers, or even just the casual passerby.

What does this mean to you?

It means that we will in no way gather information from our visitors with the purpose of solicitation. This doesn't mean we may not gather non personal information which is basically usage statistics like how you got here, where you went after, what pages you visited while you were here and for how long and that type of thing. What it "does" mean is that we do not gather names, emails, physical addresses or any personal information at all from our visitors so you can rest assured your visit here is just that, a visit. It will not lead to a headache of trying to get off of someone's email mailing list that you never entered to start with.

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