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What is HTML 5?

HTML5 is the next version of HTML. This will introduce some brand new features which will make building HTML even easier. This is by introducing features which to make your website layout clearer to both coders and search engines. This can help search engines because of the header, footer, nav and article tags. These are newly introduced tags which define the main areas of a website. If you can tell the search engines that the nav will hold links to navigate around the site then they can use all the links in this section. The article tag is probably the most important tag, as content is the most important part of a page you can let the search engines know that this area is where all the content is. Apart from the new tags which are included in HTML5 it also introduces a feast of APIs which allow you to make graphical drawings, store data offline and drag and drop that has already found its way into Gmail. HTML5's most touted features are media playback and offline storage. HTML5 lets sites directly embed media with the simple HTML tags <video> and <audio>, no plugins required.

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What is CSS3?

CSS3 and HTML5 have tag-teamed to create the next big installment to the digital age. CSS3. Some of the new features include: Rounded corners - Coding a box onto a page is simple, but adding more creative improvements to that box typically requires an artist and an outside program. As CSS advances, designers become less dependent on artists to do simple things like creating a box with rounded edges, and with the birth of CSS3, a designer can do just that by simply coding it in HTML. Along with rounded edges, a designer can now also code an image or color design as a background to anything on the page. Colors and Opacity - With CSS3, colors now include transparencies such as opacity, saturation, hue and lightness, which, allows designers the ability to be more creative with page layout with ease and efficiency. Box Shadowing - A notable advancement is the added ability to code shadowing effects. Before CSS, graphics were used to implement the effects, but thanks to CSS3 users can now code shadows for boxes, text, backgrounds, and almost anything on a page. Animation - Saying good-bye to some Flash functions, a designer can now code in an array of animation functions. Text, images, boxes, etc. can all now be set to an animation code, such as: scrolls, fades, changing of colors, crawls, transformations, wrapping, etc.

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What are Webmaster Tools?

Well simply put Webmaster Tools are any tools that help you layout, arrange, build, distribute, advertise and maintain your site! These tools range in what they do, they could be as simple as this site here by giving you examples of what you can do and giving you the drive to learn and start your own page, or they could be more complex tools like the SpriteMe Tool that helps create sprites for your site! The one thing about Website Tools is they are universal. Everyone has their different helpers and sites.

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